Parashat Tazria

A Modern State of Impurity

The Torah's discussion of the obscure condition called tzara'at tells us something profound about the human condition.

Where Childbirth Gets Short Shrift

Why is birth nestled between dietary restrictions and skin diseases?

How to Use Your Most Powerful Weapon

We are defined by how we use our tongues and by the words that leave our lips each day.

The Power of Words

While we might not break into boils when we gossip or spread rumors, it certainly can make us ugly on the inside.

Reinterpreting the Mikveh

Making it relevant today.

Creating Your World Through Language

Tazria: A resource for parents.

Haftarah for Tazria

The prescription for holy psoriasis.

Parashat Tazria Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Life, Death and Impurity

Ritual purity laws highlight the power of confronting mortality and the subsequent need to ritualize the reaffirmation of life.