Parashat Shemot

Parashat Shemot: Growing into New Roles

Like the characters in this Torah portion, we can fill the vacant roles left by our loss and grow into new ones.

Stop Making Excuses and Step Up to the Plate

Moses' excuses at the Burning Bush parallel three great human fears.

When Should Patience Trump Passion?

Like Moses, we need to transform our natural impulses into something higher.

Women As Heroes

When to have the courage to defy.

Minding Your Own Business Vs. Intervening

Shemot: A resource for families.

Believing the Exodus Story

Why is it that the most unbelievable of Jewish stories is that which is most believed in?

Leadership and Trust

Some leaders make promises, but do they follow through?

A Burning Within

We must find the causes that make us most passionate--and work for change.

Haftarah for Shemot

Promises of hope, threats of destruction.