Parashat Nitzavim

Living Like it’s ‘Hayom’ Every Day

Moses' final address to the Jewish people takes on added significance because of its proximity to his death.

Torah That is “Near to You”

The text is eternal because of its adaptability — not its unchanging nature.

It is Not Beyond Reach

Nitzavim: A resource for families.

Writing Women Into the Torah

It is time to do no less than to dress the Torah in the language of women.

Haftarah for Nitzavim: Summary

Isaiah offers a hopeful anticipation of redemption.

Parashat Nitzavim Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Education for Change

The powerful lessons of hakhel and shmita.

The Commandment to Choose Life

Every choice we make from birth to death matters.

How To Choose Life

So that your children may live.

Standing at Attention

We all need to pick our issues and take a stand.