Parashat Masei

The Spiritual Trauma of Taking a Life

How the kosher practice of waiting between meat and dairy reminds us of Moses' discomfort with violence.

Remember When…

Masei: A resource for families.

Real Change in the Torah

The most effective and enduring changes create justice for all members of society.

Haftarah for Masei

A prophecy of destruction that is rife with metaphor.

Parashat Masei Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Creating Sustainable Freedom

All people must know that they have value.

Lessons for Regional Planning

The biblical "migrash" principle provides a response to urban sprawl.

Journeying with the Divine

Every step of the Israelites' journey is framed in relation with God.

Refugee Awareness

Lessons from the biblical cities of refuge.

Valuing Journeys

A lesson from the Torah's treatment of the Israelites' travels.