Parashat Eikev

Parashat Eikev: 100 Daily Blessings

There is much we can learn from Moses' advice to the Israelites at the edge of the Promised Land.

Winning the Divine Lottery

Moses reminds the Israelites that their accomplishments are not solely the result of their own efforts.

Cause and Effect

Eikev shows us that everything we do — or avoid doing — has consequences, even if we don’t see them now.

Parents Are Powerful Teachers

Eikev: A resource for families.

The Human Body Code

The imagery of the Bible hints at the luminous potentiality of our bodies to experience God.

Prioritizing Obligations

The importance of a holistic approach to halacha (Jewish law).

Parashat Eikev Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Haftarah for Eikev

Isaiah consoles the exiled nation of Israel.