Parashat Bechukotai

Parashat Bechukotai: Great Loss

The curses in this week's portion are a reminder of the calamities we all face.

Anxiety: A Jewish Telegram

The first curse described in this portion hinders our ability to listen — even to ourselves.


Jealousy can paralyze us and force us to define ourselves by another person's successes.

Sharing the Wealth

Bechukotai: A resource for families.

The Impossible World

How to restore the world to a single divine reality.

Haftarah for Bechukotai

Divine punishment is real.

Corrupt Leadership

The global community has an opportunity to oppose Robert Mugabe's tyranny in Zimbabwe.

The Blessing of Rain

We must pray for beneficial rain, and then follow through with environmental action.

Rebuke and Reward in this World

The fate of the individual is often determined by the behavior of the community as a whole.