Prayer & Mourning

Yesterday, like many others in our community this month, I marched in a Pride Parade.

The day began with the cheers of the crowd, the release of rainbow confetti, and a group of 50 LGBTQ and ally Jews marching with Keshet in Boston.

Midway through the parade, an 11-year-old, there with his sister and two dads, turned to me and shared, “I’ve never felt so safe walking down the road before.”

When we awoke this morning, that sense of safety had vanished.

All of us at Keshet are devastated by the news of the attack on the gay club in Orlando. 

It is sickening that the deadliest mass shooting in American history targeted LGBTQ people during Pride month. When the shooter opened fire, many Jews were observing the holiday of Shavuot, which commemorates when the Jewish people stood together at Mount Sinai. So, too, we stand together in solidarity with the people of Orlando and with LGBTQ people and allies everywhere.

May the memory of all who lost their lives in last night’s attack be for a blessing.

L’Shalom, with prayers for peace,

Idit Klein
Executive Director

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