Celebrating Jewish Women This Women’s History Month

I’ll admit when I looked up at my calendar this week I loudly exclaimed “It’s already March! But what about February!?” This is a trend lately, especially since I’m trying to slow down my now 10-month-old baby from growing up too fast.

But with March comes a month of festivals, parades, and women. It’s Women’s History Month! And with Women’s History Month comes a great reason to share the work of one of my favorite Jewish organizations- the Jewish Women’s Archive (JWA). The ISJL and JWA have enjoyed partnering over the years, collaborating on projects and participating in each other’s conferences and workshops.

This month they have launched a new program that I’m especially excited about. Each month the JWA team is developing “Can We Talk?”, a new podcast that features stories and conversations about Jewish women and the issues that shape our public and private lives.

We rely pretty heavily on the podcasts here at the ISJL. With many long hours on the road, driving through the South, the voices of and stories help the time pass and keep up awake and engaged. So I was extra delighted to load up “Can We Talk” during my drive up to Cleveland, Mississippi this week.

Their pilot episode cleverly features… Jewish female pilots!

“Elynor Rudnick and Zohara Levitov grew up on different continents: one in America, one in British-ruled Palestine. In the 1940s, they were both young Jewish women with pilot’s licenses. During some of the most turbulent years in modern Jewish history, their stories were woven together—not by fate, but by flight. Plus, Deb Dreyfus, a modern day Jewish woman pilot, takes our host Nahanni Rous for a spin in her four-seater Cessna.”

So if you are considering how to celebrate Women’s History Month, with a Jewish spin– hop on over to JWA and tune in to their new show.

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