10 Things All Southern High Holiday Service-Goers Will Understand

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have a special flavor in the South.

Sweatin' through services
Sweatin’ through services

It’s almost time for the High Holidays. Which means it’s high time for a top-10 list.

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Here are things that anyone and everyone who’s ever celebrated this season down South will understand!

10. Your ba-al t’ki-ah (shofar blower) is also in a jazz band.

9. Despite air conditioning and anti-perspirant, you know you will sweat through your dress clothes.

8. It’s even harder to find a parking spot at the synagogue when you drive a big truck.

7. Your friends might not all know exactly why you get to skip school, but they sure are jealous.

6. You do tash’lich big and Southern-style, casting your crumbs into the mighty Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Bayou.

5. Apples and honey are a little bit sweeter when served with Southern Hospitality.

All this AND we'll make it to the big game!
All this AND we’ll make it to the big game!

4. The rabbi makes sure to end services before kickoff on game day.

3. You look forward to cornbread, fried chicken, and pecan pie at the Yom Kippur break fast.

2. You decide that next year, you will try to end fewer sentences with “Bless Her Heart.”

1. You know not it’s not l’shaNAH toVAH, it’s l’SHAnah TOvah, y’all.


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