Southern Jewish Voices: “Faithful Journey”

Douglas Smith of Columbus, Georgia

Douglas Smith of Columbus, Georgia

Today’s blog post is from Doug Smith, a member of one of the ISJL’s partner congregations, Temple Israel in Columbus, Georgia. He shares a poem inspired by the themes found in this week’s Torah readings and throughout the Exodus narrative.

“Faithful Journey”

Long Ago,

Through Fierce and Flickering Flames,

G-d Told Moses,

“Bring Them Out of Egypt and Lead Them to The Holy Land”.



We Followed Him,

Into Stormy Seas and Through the Raging Waters,

All Marched Together as He Led Us to The Holy Land.



We Followed Him,

Into Desolate Wilderness and Through the Scorching Desert,

All Survived Together as He Led Us to The Holy Land.



We Continue to Follow Him.

Into Modern History and Through the Relentless Sands of Time,

He Still Leads Us to The Holy Land.


Thank You G-d,

Thank You Moses,

Thank You Mom and Dad,

Harriet (1937 – 2008) and Louis (1921 – 2001)

For this Faithful Journey,

Here Today I Stand,

With My Only Son,


A Jew.

Copyright DL Smith (2015)

Referencing / inspired by JPS Tanakh 2008

           Exodus 3, 14, 17

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