While Standing on One Foot, Deep in the South

Because the Jewish population of the Deep South is small and spread out, it is common for Jews in the region to be the single source of Jewish information for Christian friends and acquaintances.  When my son was in school and any Jewish holiday came around, I would make sure he had had enough information to reply to the inevitable questions of his friends:  Why do Jews celebrate_____?  What does it mean? Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? Why did “you” kill Jesus? Aren’t you afraid of going to hell? Is Chanukah the Jewish Christmas?

And the truth is that the questions are wonderful!  I believe it is our responsibility to be informed and have an understanding of the basics of our faith not only for ourselves but also for the friends and neighbors who—with the utmost respect—want to understand more about our religion.  Down here, each of us has to act as an ambassador of Judaism, which means doing our best to answer questions, even “while standing on one foot.”

Just last month I was getting my nails done, when the woman in the chair next to me noticed my Star of David and started overflowing with questions.  I could barely answer one before the next one came.  It was for her a rare opportunity to ask, and for me it was an honor to answer.

I think the most common misconception about Jewish life in the South is that we are faced with a tremendous amount of Anti-Semitism.  The reality is that we are faced with a lot of folks who know little about Judaism and most of the time, they simply want to be better and closer friends and neighbors!  The only way to deepen friendships is through understanding and respect.  I also believe it is our responsibility to have a basic understanding of what Christians believe.  Outreach is a two-way street!

What is your most memorable “While standing on one foot” experience?

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