Inside The Haredi World

Six Haredi educational institutions are suspected of having cheated the state out of tens of millions of shekels through the use of fake ID cards for non-existent students. (Ha’aretz)

The Yerushalyim Shel Ma’ala program “brings groups of secular Jews to hareidi-religious neighborhoods and homes, smashing stereotypes and creating new bonds among Jewish groups that drifted apart over centuries.” (Virtual Jerusalem)

Although the divide between Ashkenazim and Sephardim in Israeli society is ebbing, the Haredi world is the exception, as Ashkenazi Haredim seek to stay separate from “ethnically suspect and allegedly less rigorous Sephardi brethren.” (Jewish Ideas Daily)

Haredi Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum sees criticism of Eli Yishai as just arising from anti-Haredi bias. (Jerusalem Post)

Breslov spiritual leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland returns to his Jerusalem home from his hiding place in the North after 10 years of captivity, during which he says he was little more than a marionette controlled by his son and grandson. (Jerusalem Post)

An overview of how the Haredi world is fiercely fighting attempts by the government to have taught the prescribed secular studies curriculum to its 200,000 students. (Forward)

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