When Is It Okay to Dress Up Like a Nazi?

Now, I know you’re thinking, “Gee, that’s an easy question. Only on weekends when my friends and I are reenacting…something Nazi-y. At any other times it’s bigoted and hateful!”

Oh, that’s not what you were thinking? It is what Ohio GOP nominee for Congress Rich Iott thought. And when asked if he regretted dressing up as a Nazi, he…wouldn’t answer. Shocker.

The Atlantic has a fascinating blog post about Iott’s extracurricular Nazi activities which he claims he got into “as a father-son bonding thing” with his kid. Because nothing brings a family together like Nazis.

Turns out this is not the first time political candidates have been caught in Nazi uniforms. Years back the great Dan Savage put together a helpful little chart for those who are trying to figure out if their Nazi gear is appropriate for dinner or not.

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