The Peace Process

Prospects for Israel’s cabinet even voting on a compromise proposal for a construction freeze look poor. (Ha’aretz)

Former prime minister Ehud Olmert urges Israel to agree to an international trusteeship in Jerusalem’s Holy Basin, permit non-Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem to serve as the Palestinian capital and offer to solve the Palestinian refugee problem within the framework of the Arab peace initiative offer. (Jerusalem Post)

Professor Shlomo Sand attacks Israel’s insistence on being referred to in a peace deal as just a recent “whim,” and not consistent with the stance taken by other advanced countries. (Ha’aretz)

Caroline Glick argues that the left’s reason for wanting to dismantle the settlements is in order “to destroy religious Zionism. It is religious Zionism, which looks to Jerusalem rather than to Tel Aviv, that drives the Left to distraction.” (Jerusalem Post)

A new poll shows a majority of Palestinians support negotiations with Israel. (Jerusalem Post)

How much secrecy is really needed for the Peace Process negotiations? (Ha’aretz)

It is argued that the left, and Peace Now in particular, are all to blame for the failure of the peace process. (YNet News)

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