I Wish Joan Rivers Was At My Seder

No one does Jewish holidays like Martha Stewart. You think I’m joking, but I’m totally serious. Once I saw her making latkes and telling the story of Hanukkah, and my brain exploded a little. What’s better than that? The time she had Joan Rivers on and demanded to be invited to Joan’s seder (really) and then she and Joan made matzah crack and then matzah houses covered with candy a la gingerbread houses. You guys, this is even better than the Kwanzaa cake I was telling you about last week. These are houses, made out of matzah and gross Passover candy. Somewhere, God is cringing. matzohouse_l.jpg

He also might be laughing, because Joan Rivers is awesome, and among other things compares her breasts to matzah (flat, and covered with brown spots) and completely takes the piss out of Martha. Sadly, I cannot embed the video here, so you have to go watch on Martha’s site, but please please do because it will make your day SO much better. (The video is SFW, but there is some swearing in it.)

Watching the videos (there are two segments, and you should watch them both, trust me) made me feel two things very strongly:
1)I wish Joan Rivers was at my seder this year.
2)I am very glad Martha Stewart was not.

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