The New Settlement Freeze

Amos Harel points out that “in practice … there will be nearly no change in settlement construction, at least not in the coming months”–because 2,500 housing units under construction can be completed, a further 490 units were recently approved, and settlers themselves have started many unauthorized units. In addition, 28 new public buildings in the settlements were just authorized. (Ha’aretz)

Substantial criticism of the settlement freeze is coming from members of Netanyahu’s government, including many from his own party. (Jerusalem Post)

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz told the security cabinet that there is no real way to enforce the freeze with just 14 building inspectors in the West Bank, so more will be added. (Ha’aretz)

But heads of West Bank local councils and heads of the Yesha Council have decided to ban the entrance of those Civil Administration inspectors enforcing the construction moratorium, and have agreed not to cooperate on any level with the Civil Administration. (YNet News)

And right-wing leaders denounce the plan, and set plans of resistance. (Ha’aretz)

Barry Rubin says the freeze will accomplish nothing because nothing Israel does will ever satisfy the Palestinians. (Jerusalem Post)

And Yoram Ettinger argues the freeze will actually make matters much worse. (YNet News)

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