Best of the Week

The Yankees win! The Yankees win! Oh, I’m sorry. That would be in the “Worst of the Week.” Quick rant: Instead of 50 game suspensions for baseball players caught using steroids, how about they make a rule that every time a player’s name is ever mentioned in the media again, whether it be in newspapers, magazines, box scores, (and most importantly) broadcasting, their steroid use has to be disclosed.

How much more fun would Game 6 of the World Series been if instead of gushing about how great Andy Pettitte is, Joe Buck had to mention that he was in the Mitchell Report every single pitch. That I would watch.

Sorry. Best articles of the week:

It’s a shame that Johnny Knoxville isn’t Jewish. Because it would be great to have an article about Jackass right next to our new (and fascinating) article about The Three Stooges.

I think that it has been established that challah is the great Jewish food out there. But that does not mean that the greatest food doesn’t ever have to be spiced up a bit. I bring to you Pumpkin Challah. Trick your kids into vegetables.

Finally, don’t forget to look at Julie Seltzer’s weekly challah for the Torah portion. This week’s is a depiction of Lot’s wife. Needless to say, it’s a little bit salty.

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