It’s Not His Fault

I don’t wanna spend too much time on this but I just want to quickly remind everyone that it isn’t Obama’s fault that he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Some of you might be saying, well, obviously Jeremy. Duh. But that doesn’t seem to stop people from using this opportunity to bash the President.

Listen, I’m all for bashing politicians, but do it when it’s deserved. Here are two examples of what I mean:

1) On Facebook, this is my friend’s status: “…is thinking that she should talk more about world peace. Maybe she’ll merit a Nobel Peace Prize too.”

It is followed by a comment that reads: “Of course Hussein got the peace prize. He was the one who suggested wiping out Israel without actually saying it.”

2) Since I’m a big Jewlicious fan, I feel like I can air my occasional gripe. There have been not one, but TWO, posts dedicated to bashing Obama’s prize. The recent one talking about how absurd it is that he was nominated for the prize ten days after his win. Supposedly, the whole prize is a blatant attempt by Europeans to dictate U.S. foreign policy.

My point is this. Whether Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize or not is not important. My biggest shock is how cynical a world we live in where we scoff at our own president winning one of the world’s most prestigious prizes. Can someone please inform me when patriotism died?

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