Jewish Organizations in the News

Defying the general trend toward a merger, the three branches of the JCC of Greater Philadelphia will each be going their completely separate ways. (Jewish Exponent)

A look at how Hadassah, the largest Jewish organization in the world and the largest women’s organization in the United States, has coped with its Madoff losses and the recession. (Ha’aretz)

“Momo” Lifshitz has been a larger-than-life symbol of Birthright Israel, but now he’s out. His “lectures on the unsurpassed beauty of Jewish women,” and pressing participants to make aliyah are a part of the reason why. (Jewish Week)

A look at The Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia, which has Orthodox participation and actual staff support, as it struggles to reinvent itself. (Jewish Exponent)

Joel Alperson complains that the mission statements of the largest Jewish federations in North America, and other large outfits like NCJW, Hadassah, JNF etc. all fail to mention “God,†“Torah†or “Judaism.†(J-weekly)

A look at Jerry Silverman,  the new head of UJC, the umbrella organization of the North American Jewish Federation system, and the hope that he will bring more openness to UJC. (Forward)

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