Water Issues

Much attention has been given to the use of “gray water,” but there are many different forms of gray water, and no agreement as to what types can be safely used for what purposes–e.g. can laundry water be used to irrigate gardens? (Ha’aretz)

B’Tselem says that most of the sewage that flows through the West Bank from parts of Jerusalem, the Jewish settlements, and Palestinian areas, is untreated or inadequately treated, causing serious damage to the water supply and the environment. The reason: there is only one sewage treatment plant in the entire West Bank. (Jerusalem Post)

The mayors of Ashkelon and Gaza City are trying to cooperate to deal with waste water treatment, but many obstacles remain in the way. (Jerusalem Post)

Water flow in Israel’s rivers this year has been so low that the government has had to pump water into the upper portions of rivers. (Ha’aretz)

Israel’s “drought levy” renamed the “excessive use levy,” imposes an NIS 20 surcharge on every cubic meter of water used over a certain level, is set to be approved by the Knesset, and it will hit different parts of the country very differently. (Jerusalem Post)

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