2009 will rock

So it’s that time of the year when many people start buying calendars for next year. And some nice Jewish boys have put out a calendar featuring… nice Jewish boys. Nice Jewish Boy Ira

Who can’t resist a Jewfro, glasses, and untweezed eyebrows?

And it’s a pretty good deal (I’m thinking Hanukkah gifts for everyone). For only $12.95 you get all 12 gentlemen, with Jewish holidays already marked. The calendar usually ships within 72 hours.

You’ve got Zev, Samuel, Avi, Efran, Aaron, Benjamin, Seth, plus 5 others. It’s more than a minyan of hotness niceness.
Nice Jewish Boy Noah

But if that’s not enough to get you going, perhaps you should look into Jamie Sneider’s 2009 calendar: The Year of the Jewish Woman.

An actress, Jamie writes:

I walked into a Jewish bakery in the Fairfax area of LA and it came back. I smelled the challah, the babkas and I remembered. ‘This is my love. This is who I am.’

On my blog, I wrote about my desire to do a nude photo shoot posed with Jewish foods. I then started posing with pastries from my local Jewish bakery. I have always found Jewish pastries sensual and somewhat erotic. I adore them.”

And a nude photo shoot with Jewish foods she did. There’s even a resource page describing all of the types of bakery goods that appear in the calendar. But perhaps the most bizarre aspect is her dedication:

This calendar is dedicated to my Nana, Edith Sneider. Edith managed a bakery in Miami, Florida called “Kosher Treats.” She loved kibitzing and schmoozing with the customers, and she especially loved the baked goods.

Yes, those nude photos of Jamie and kosher bakery goods are dedicated to her Nana. This so sounds like something Sarah Silverman would do.

Nonetheless, the calendar also features Jewish and international holidays and costs $24. And for only $5 more, you can get an autographed poster.

The perfect gift for your Nana as well.

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