Messiah & Ignorance

I recently received a bizarre email that went a little like this: “The following are reasons for why the Mashiach is coming the next year.”

obama_in_the_rain.jpgI’m unsure of who the author of this email was because it was a forward, but the author went on to list 10 reasons, many of which were half truths, myths, and statements of outright ignorance. But the most interesting reason for why we are truly in the midst of the messiah was this one:

# 6. Barack Obama as President

He’s young and inexperienced as well as questionable loyalty and friendship to Israel. With all that’s going on with our economy and global markets, in addition to Obama’s liberal viewpoints it seems very dangerous to have him as a commander in chief.

Hmmm…so let me get this straight, Barack Obama is going to be one of the catalysts to bringing the Mashiach?

Today in the office, I was telling my fellow MJL staff how proud I was of America, that we had truly accomplished something historic. But this email reminded me of all the comments I had heard over the course of the election such as “Barack Obama rallies people like Hitler and it scares me” or perhaps many of the status’ on Facebook after Obama was elected which read “I’m moving to Israel..asap.”

I simply don’t understand why people feel the need to vilify Barack Obama, when he has not even stepped foot into office yet. I do not believe that we should be ruled by “fear” politics or in the case if this email, ruled by a religion of fear.

The email I received listed many current events, such as the economic crisis, Iran’s declaration to wipe Israel off the map, and global warming. The author was using each of these as “reasons” for why the Messiah is about to arrive. At the end of the email, it stated that we must quickly arise and repent. I realized that the author of the email was using fear and malicious stereotypes and generalizations to convince me to repent.

I can only hope that in the coming months our country will continue to be united, but the true test will be for those who refuse to give Obama a chance: The people who never once gave him the benefit of the doubt and who continue to malign his personal character on baseless claims. If you happen to be the author of that email that I received, or if you simply by into the nonsense which I have recounted I respectfully ask you to reconsider your claims against him, research his ideas, who he is considering for his cabinet, and listen to him speak.

Before you flee to Israel asap, maybe you should have a little hope in the American electoral process and this great country, which has given the Jewish people more opportunities then they have ever had before.

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