On the Ground Peace Efforts

“The whole idea of Chefs for Peace is to show that here we are, working in one kitchen, Muslim, Christian and Jew, working with one of the most dangerous utensils, a knife, and we don’t kill each other. Instead we cook with loveâ€?, for their semiannual dinner in Haifa. (Jerusalem Post)

Rabbi Melissa Weintraub talks to Australian radio about Encounter, an organization which she co-founded, which brings non-Israeli “Jewish leaders from across the political spectrum into Palestinian cities and the West Bank.” (ABC Australia)

In the most northern part of the West Bank, the Green Line and the separation barrier are on the same line, separating Gilboa from Jenin. Pragmatic attitudes by local leaders on both sides have produced “economic and social development plans that are based on creating a new cross-boundary reality….an industrial zone that will be built on the Palestinian side of the border. A logistical center and a medical center are planned on the Israeli side� and more. (Jerusalem Post)

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