The Daughters of Sarah & Hagar

Ari Alexander is guest blogging (via Blackberry) from the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid, organized by the Muslim World League under the patronage of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

I am happy to report that a woman just gave a presentation in this final closed door session. I commend the organizers for showing the flexibility and responsiveness to veer from the written word (here: the program) and internalize the interventions and subsequent applause throuhgout the day yesterday when the issue of women’s participation was raised.

At least three comments  were made during yesterday’s closed door session to make this point – one by an indian swami, one by a british muslim and one by an american rabbi.

The woman who was chosen to speak at the last minute was Dr. Mekia Najar, a spanish researcher. She said dialogue without women’s participation will fail, as the past has showed time and time again.

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