Jews in da house

Ari Alexander is guest blogging (via Blackberry) from the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid, organized by the Muslim World League under the patronage of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Other Jews here include:

Rabbi David Rosen (AJC, IJCIC)
Rabbi Arthur Schneier (Park East)
Michael Schneider and Maram Stern (WJC)
Rabbi Claudio Epelman (latin american jewish congress)
Rabbi Michael Paley (uja-ny)
Rabbi Marc Schneier (Foundation for Ethnic Understanding)
Walter Ruby (works with schneier and writes for jewishweek)
Rabbi Steven Jacobs (progressive faith foundation)
Rabbi Scott Sperling (RAC)
Prof. Alan Brill (yu)
Prof. Steven Katz (bu)
Prof. Marshall Brefer (catholic u; also involved in ongoing dialogue with iranian clerics)
Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz (sacred heart)
A rep from bnai brith intercommunal affairs
Rabbi Michael Lerner (tikkun)
Rabbi Arthur Waskow (shalom center)
Dr. Edward Kessler (cambridge)
Bernard Kanovitch (france)

The man who called New York Hymietown and wants to perform a a painful surgery on the democratic nominee is roaming the halls as well…

UPDATE: Two more…

Rabbi Burton Visotzky (JTS)
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield (natl jewish cntr for learning & leadership)

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