Costume Party

Ari Alexander is guest blogging (via Blackberry) from the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid, organized by the Muslim World League under the patronage of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

Jews here definitely lose in the game of colorful dress. The orange, green, purple, pink, yellow pieces of clothing and head coverings make the suits and black kippot look pretty dull.

(I didn’t know until recently that “costume” means a suit in french. I guess it is a dress up game of a different kind.)

Speaking of appearance, I wonder what the saudi clerics here think about the female buddhist monks here whose heads are shaved.

The egyptian ambassador to spain just said hello. The crown prince of saudi just walked by. We’re filing our way towards handshakes with royalty on the way into lunch.

Most participants aren’t used to spanish mealtimes. Breakfast was six hours ago. Hunger kicking in.

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