Jews in Far-Flung Places

-Myanmar’s 20 remaining Jews fear for their small community. (Ynet)

-The Jewish life in Taiwan, one dominated by Syrian Jews, is now pretty much down to just a weekly Friday night service, the effort
of its 89-year-old Rabbi. (J.)

-Munich–once the nursery of Nazism–now has a Jewish community about the size it was before World War II. And “what started out
as “Judaism without Jewsâ€?…has now turned into a full-scale opportunity for cultural re-integration.â€? (Forward)

-The overwhelming majority of Jews in the German community are from the former USSR, and they continue to struggle for full
integration. And in Berlin: “The communal institutions are weak and divided. The religious leadership is unstable. The two Orthodox
rabbis are not on speaking terms. Into this vacuum, extracommunal entities have entered such as the Reform movement … and Orthodox
organizations.� (Haaretz)

-The Jewish community Gibraltar has a “mixture of ultra-Orthodoxy and modernity, religious fervor and openness”. The Jews are 85% observant, but without “fanaticism, extremism and seclusion”. And the government is vigilant to protect its Jews. (Haaretz)

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