Berch is Back

-There may be as much as 4 billion dollars worth of natural gas offshore of Gaza. Why has it not been tapped? (The Jerusalem Post)

-Israelis on unicycles. (Haaretz)

-Polls show that Netanyahu is the most popular leader in Israel today, but Gideon Levy does not see much difference between Netanyahu and his Likud rival, the “extremist Feiglin,� by comparison to whom Netanyahu tries to show himself as a moderate. (Haaretz)

-Khaled Abu Toameh says that while “Abbas has issued more than 100 ‘presidential decrees’ that were intended to punish the Islamist movement…most of Abbas’s decrees are completely irrelevant, largely because he does not have the power to implement them.â€? (The Jerusalem Post)

-There has been improved coordination between IDF and Palestinian forces in the West Bank, with the result that Palestinian police are now being allowed armed patrols in Area B, not just Area A. (Haaretz)

-Ariel, in the West Bank, with “an aging population and an uncertain future,� seeks to bolster its claim to be part of the future Israel by upgrading its college into a University. (Haaretz)

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