Louis Jacobs


The preeminent rabbi of first century Palestine whose name is on Jewish campus organizations worldwide.

Bahya Ibn Asher

Biblical commentator looked at Torah in both traditional and kabbalistic ways.


Word found at the end of prayers has a long, complex history.


Solomon Ibn Adret wrote numerous Medieval responsa.

Moses Sofer

Austro-Hungarian rabbi who fought against the influence of Reform.

The Death Penalty in Jewish Tradition

Though the Torah prescribed capital punishment for certain crimes, the rabbis moderated its use.

The Circumcision Debate

While Jewish critics have arisen in modern times, brit milah is still widely practiced.


Despite the cynical tone of Ecclesiastes, it has been given a place of joy and honor in the Jewish cycle of readings.

The Editing of the Talmud

How the sages' debates across many generations became the monumental works known as the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds