Jewish Festival of Lights

Parsnip-Sweet Potato Latkes

A new twist on a holiday classic.

Hanukkah Meditation

The miracle of the real.

Making Hanukkah With Children Meaningful

Hanukkah offers many opportunities for fun and joyous celebration.

Holiday of Religious Liberty

The Jews of Western Europe and America gave Hanukkah new meaning--which remains with us today.

A Zionist Hanukkah

Modern Hebrew culture made of Hanukkah a celebration of the new, self-reliant Jew.

A Megillah for Hanukkah?

Many communities in the past read a scroll on Hanukkah, and the author recommends reviving a form of the custom.

Public Displays of Hanukkiyot

A modern phenomenon that draws on basic Hanukkah beliefs

Church & State & the Jews

Religious education is vital for this country--but not on Uncle Sam's tab.

Judaism in the Public Square

It's time to chip away at the wall of separation.

Making It Better and Better

Successive generations of Jews have created different ways of enhancing the observance of the Hanukkah lights.