Coming to Learn, Going to Teach

When you think “summer in Mississippi,” the first thing that comes to mind is the heat.

But for some people, what comes to mind is Jewish education.

Sharing in Torah at the ISJL education conference. Pictured: Rabbi Marshal Klaven (ISJL), Terri Finkelstein (Montgomery, AL), and Wendi Ochs (Pensacola, FL).

Yes, that’s right. Jewish education. Because for ten years now, summer has meant the ISJL Education Conference and teacher training institute – and communities throughout the South send representatives to Mississippi to attend the annual event. They come to learn, and they leave ready to teach.

The reality for many small Southern congregations is that Jewish educational resources are hard to come by. Often times, parents are the volunteer teachers, and may not have a background in Jewish education. But they are committed to instilling their heritage in their children. And so they gather, each summer, in Mississippi.

Because Jewish education happens everywhere.

To see some of the images from this year’s gathering (accompanied by a fun ‘soundtrack’ provided by the ISJL Education Fellows), you can view the video montage of the ISJL’s Education Conference 2012.

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