Prominent Jewish Women in History

How much do you know about these prominent women in Jewish history?

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Qustion 1. Who became queen of Persia?

Dina Tamar Shoshana Esther

Qustion 2. She wrote the song "Jerusalem of Gold":

Naomi Shemer Sarah Singer Ruth Bader Ginsberg Lillian Wald

Qustion 3. What country did Hannah Senesh parachute into during WWII as a spy for the Palmach?

Poland China Yugoslavia Italy

Qustion 4. Who was the first woman to be ordained as a rabbi in Germany?

Regina Jonas Alicia Jo Rabins Bess Myerson Bella Abzug

Qustion 5. Which one of the following women wrote about Jewish life on the American frontier in the early 20th century?

Sarah Aaronsohn Isla Fischer Rachel Calof Golda Meir

Qustion 6. Which one of the following women was an intrepid 18th-century business woman and mother of 12?

Shira Hashasha Anna Ticho Glueckel of Hameln Mary Antin

Qustion 7. Described in the Talmud as a scholar, Beruriah was married to which rabbi?

Moses Meir Shmuel Shamai

Qustion 8. What is the name of the poem by Emma Lazarus that is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty?

"The New Colossus" "The Test" "The New Prophet" "Welcome to America"

Qustion 9. Where did Sally Priesand, the first American woman to be ordained, receive rabbinic ordination?

Jewish Theological Seminary Hebrew Union College Reconstructionist Rabbinical College Yeshiva University

Qustion 10. Which of these famous Jewish writers called their diary "Kitty"?

Zivia Lubetkin Henrietta Szold Elizabeth Gertrude Stern Anne Frank
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