Modern History Quiz

Questions of national identity and Jewish identity were central to the experience of modernity for Jews everywhere. How much do you know about Jewish history since 1650?

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Qustion 1. At the time of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, how many Jews lived there?

50,000 80,000 100,000 120,000

Qustion 2. Approximately how many Jews fought for the German Army in WWI?

10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000

Qustion 3. There are no Jews living in Iran today.

True False

Qustion 4. Who was the first Israeli astronaut in outer space?

Ilan Ramon Moshe Katzav Yoni Netanyahu Eli Cohen

Qustion 5. Of these four continents, which has the largest Jewish population?

Europe Africa South America Australia (and New Zealand)

Qustion 6. Jacob Frank was

An activist for civil rights for Jews in the 19th century A French writer known for his Yiddish inflected poetry The progenitor of the Reform movement A false prophet who was a disciple of Shabbetai Tzvi

Qustion 7. True or False: The 1990 National Jewish Population Survey indicated that more Jews in America identified themselves as "cultural" Jews than as "religious" Jews.

True False

Qustion 8. True or false: Theodor Herzl, founder of modern Zionism, was an Orthodox Jew.

True False

Qustion 9. After the fall of communism, what city became home to the largest Russian-Jewish population?

Moscow St. Petersburg Tel Aviv New York

Qustion 10. According to the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS), what was the Jewish intermarriage rate in the United States?

27% 46% 52% 61%
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