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The Land of Israel has been a theological anchor for Jews for millennia. How much do you know about attitudes toward Israel in the Bible, through the Middle Ages, and after the rise of Zionism?

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Qustion 1. Followers of Abraham Abulafia's mystical school believed that Israel represents what?

The individual soul The individual heart The individual brain The individual lungs

Qustion 2. Who wrote The Jewish State in 1896?

Ahad Haam Theodor Herzl Leo Pinsker A.D. Gordon

Qustion 3. Which of these figures was NOT a religious Zionist?

Chaim Weizmann Yehudah Alkalai Zvi Hirsch Kalischer Abraham Isaac Kook

Qustion 4. In 1988, whose party was banned from Israeli elections for inciting racism?

El Sayyid Nosair Meir Kahane Baruch Goldstein Yasser Arafat

Qustion 5. Which medieval commentator attempted to use astrology to prove that the Land of Israel was distinct from other lands?

Abraham Ibn Ezra Nahmanides Maimonides Rashi

Qustion 6. Early Zionists considered whch of these countries as possible sites for the Jewish homeland?

Uganda and Argentina Uganda and Kenya Argentina and Chile Syria and Lebanon

Qustion 7. According to biblical law, which of these does NOT have to be tithed?

Wheat Oil Corn Wine

Qustion 8. In the Bible, God first promises the Land of Israel to whose descendants?

Adam Abraham Moses Joshua

Qustion 9. In Genesis, God promises Abraham land from the river of Egypt to where?

The Euphrates River The Golan Heights The Jordan River Jerusalem

Qustion 10. In the Bible, Abraham purchases a cave in Machpelah. What does he use it for?

Food storage Shelter Family burial ground Prayer space
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