Jewish Food Quiz

In Jewish life, food takes on all sorts of roles–traditional, social, and spiritual. Jewish cuisine evolved over centuries, in dialogue with local cultures and conditions. How much do you know about Jewish foods and their history?

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Qustion 1. What product is popularly used in Moroccan cooking?

Aromatic spices Dried fruit Nuts Harissa, a spicy condiment All of the above

Qustion 2. It is traditional to use how many loaves of Challah bread on Shabbat and holidays?

One Two Three Four None

Qustion 3. For Turkish Jews, new recipes were developed around ingredients that were available and inexpensive, such as

Carp Eggplant Duck Rice

Qustion 4. The customary vacation area of New York Jews in the 20th century is nicknamed after which soup?

Matzah ball soup Lentil soup Broccoli cheese soup Schav Borscht

Qustion 5. On Lag B'Omer, it is traditional to serve food that is

Fried Roasted Grilled Baked Broiled

Qustion 6. The ingredient most commonly associated with Moroccan Jewish food is

Wheat Rice Rye Bread Couscous Citrus fruit

Qustion 7. True of False: Most shtetl Jews had private cooking facilities.

True False

Qustion 8. Truth or False: Polish Jewish food tends to be sweeter than Russian Jewish food, which tends to have pepper as a main spice.

True False

Qustion 9. Sabich, a popular Israeli food made with eggplant, egg, and hummus, originated in

Iran Iraq Yemen China

Qustion 10. The Jews of Poland and Russia shared many of the same ingredients and preferences, including

Carp and salt herring Turnips Sauerkraut Only A & B Only A & C
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