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The process of conversion depends on the overseeing rabbi, but generally includes a great deal of learning, culminating with an appearance before a Jewish court, the taking of a Hebrew name, circumcision for men, and a dunk in the ritual bath. How much do you know about Jewish conversion?

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Qustion 1. True or false: All Conservative rabbis will agree to convert a Jew if the primary motivation for the conversion is marriage.

True False

Qustion 2. What does the conversion of a female infant or child require in the Conservative and Orthodox movements?

Immersion in the mikveh and a Zeved Habat ceremony A birth certificate Only immersion in the mikveh Only the permission of a Beit Din

Qustion 3. Can a doctor perform a circumcision instead of a mohel?

Yes No

Qustion 4. Which of these is not one of the steps of a traditional conversion?

Immersion in a ritual pool Brit milah (for men) Acceptance of all the mitzvot, including keeping Shabbat and kashrut The marriage ceremony

Qustion 5. When did Jews engage in active proselytizing?

In the Middle Ages Under the Roman Empire Between World War I and World War II Never

Qustion 6. What is the hatafat dam brit ceremony?

The ritual extraction of a drop of blood if the convert is already circumcised When the Beit Din meets to discuss the conversion Immersion in the mikveh The process for selecting a Hebrew name for a future convert

Qustion 7. When is the ceremony of hatafat dam brit performed?

The day after a baby is born The day before a boy's Bar Mitzvah For an adult male convert prior to his conversion The day before a man's wedding

Qustion 8. True or false: An infant can be converted to Judaism without its consent?

True False

Qustion 9. What does the Hebrew word brit mean?

Daughter Circumcision Covenant Celebration

Qustion 10. What is a brit milah?

Baby naming for a boy Baby naming for a girl Oath of commitment to Judaism Circumcision
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