Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quiz

Traditionally, being a bar/bat mitzvah meant that one was obligated to fulfill the mitzvot, or commandments. Today, boys and girls may mark this event by leading services, reading from the Torah, or doing community service projects. How much do you know about Bar/Bat Mitzvahs?

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Qustion 1. When do many traditional Jews mark a child's reaching the age of majority?

In the summer, when there is good traveling weather for family and friends The Shabbat immediately following the child's birthday The day of the child’s birthday After the child fasts for the first time on Yom Kippur

Qustion 2. True or false: In Moroccan communities, the emphasis of the bar mitzvah is more about laying tefillin, and less about being called up to the Torah.

True False

Qustion 3. True or false: Humanistic Judaism has its own bar and bat mitzvah rituals.

True False

Qustion 4. In some synagogues, normally after the completion of 10th grade religious school, what ceremony do teenagers participate in?

A visit to the mikveh A Bar Mitzvah A Bat Mitzvah A Confirmation

Qustion 5. In what country was the drasha (Torah discourse) first included in bar mitzvah celebrations?

Poland Ukraine France Germany

Qustion 6. The tradition of boys reading from the Torah at their bar mitzvah began in what century?

Fifth century 10th century 17th century 20th century

Qustion 7. Which of these things is a bar or bat mitzvah child required to perform?

Leading the service. Reciting the Torah portion. Reciting the Torah portion. All of the above. None of the above.

Qustion 8. Which of these is a pre-bar/bat mitzvah child allowed to do?

Lead Anim Z'mirot Be counted to a minyan Read from the Torah Wear tefillin

Qustion 9. What can parents do to help their child prepare for his/her bar/bat mitzvah?

Coerce the child to practice his/her portion daily; be strict and never take no for an answer Tell the child that the service is unimportant; people are just coming for the party anyway Create a realistic timetable for fulfilling requirements; allow the child to set priorities and measurable goals All of the above

Qustion 10. Judith Eisenstein, the first bat mitzvah, was the daughter of which Jewish leader?

Aryeh Kaplan. Mordecai Kaplan. Abraham Joshua Heschel. Joseph Telushkin.
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