Bar/Bat Mitzvah Quiz

Traditionally, being a bar/bat mitzvah meant that one was obligated to fulfill the mitzvot, or commandments. Today, boys and girls may mark this event by leading services, reading from the Torah, or doing community service projects. How much do you know about Bar/Bat Mitzvahs?

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Qustion 1. What is the traditional blessing for a father to recite at his son's bar mitzvah?

"Blessed is He who has now freed me from the responsibility of this boy." "Blessed is He who has created this sacred occasion." "Blessed is the Creator of the fruit of the vine." "Blessed is the boy who turned 13."

Qustion 2. Who decried the materialism of bar/bat mitzvah parties?

Rabbis in the Middle Ages The Orthodox rabbi, H. Pereira Mendes, in 1938 The chief body of Reform rabbis in 1964 All of the above

Qustion 3. In what country was the drasha (Torah discourse) first included in bar mitzvah celebrations?

Poland Ukraine France Germany

Qustion 4. The first bat mitzvah in the United States took place in

1945 1864 1776 1922

Qustion 5. Which of these is a pre-bar/bat mitzvah child allowed to do?

Lead Anim Z'mirot Be counted to a minyan Read from the Torah Wear tefillin

Qustion 6. Which of these things is a bar or bat mitzvah child required to perform?

Leading the service. Reciting the Torah portion. Reciting the Torah portion. All of the above. None of the above.

Qustion 7. Adult bar/bat mitzvahs have gained popularity in the last

Five years 10 years 30 years 50 years

Qustion 8. Which TV show featured an episode where a character felt "incomplete" because he'd never had a bar mitzvah?

The Honeymooners The Dick Van Dyke Show All in the Family Dawson's Creek

Qustion 9. The tradition of boys reading from the Torah at their bar mitzvah began in what century?

Fifth century 10th century 17th century 20th century

Qustion 10. When did the first bar mitzvah ceremonies occur?

In the Torah times. In the Temple times. In the times of the Maccabees. In the 14th century. In the early 20th century.
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