Ancient and Medieval History Quiz

The history of ancient and medieval Jewish communities reveals the origins of Judaism as we know it. How much do you know about the main Jewish figures and events, from the Bible to the dawn of modernity?

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Qustion 1. In the fifth century, where in Arabia were most Jews concentrated?

Himyar Hijaz Turkey Both a & b

Qustion 2. What year were Jews expelled from Spain?

1400 1492 1201 1810

Qustion 3. The Spanish Inquisition was aimed at which group?

All Heretics Jews Protestants Atheists

Qustion 4. Who built the First Temple in Israel?

King Saul King David King Solomon King Jeroboam

Qustion 5. In 538 BCE, what did Cyrus the Great decree?

That the Temple in Jerusalem should be rebuilt That all Jews should return to Egypt That all Jews in Babylon should be killed That Jews can build a new Temple in Babylon

Qustion 6. True or false: The Middle Ages was, by and large, a time of tense relations between faiths.

True False

Qustion 7. Where was Rashi born?

France Germany Poland Spain

Qustion 8. By 1650, 450,000 of the 550,000 European Jews lived where?

Germany France Poland-Lithuania England

Qustion 9. What did inquisitors do to Isaac de Castro when he refused to convert to Christianity?

They expelled him to Australia They burned him alive They beheaded him They appointed him king

Qustion 10. What great leader conquered Palestine in 332 BCE?

Caesar Alexander the Great Constantine Nebuchadnezzar
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