Who’s Better for the Jews?

It’s primary day in New Hampshire, and it seems the whole country is (and rightfully should be) talking about who will be the next president.

In honor of the holiday, our friends at Jewlicious have launched a second edition of “¿Quien es más Jewliciouso?” which I think means “Who’s more Jewlicious?” (How grew up in Texas for nearly 20 years and don’t speak any Spanish is another issue.) They’re asking their readers which of the front runners, Democrats and Republicans, are better for the Jews. To vote click here.

But to be honest, can any of the candidates be bad for the Jews? Jews being, let’s face it, a wealthy and influential minority in America, have little to worry about. No politician in his or her right mind would do anything regarding Israel, freedom of religion, or other like issues that would hurt the Jewish people as a whole.

The question comes down to a person’s domestic political preference. Jewish voting patterns have shifted over the years, and there’s no telling what this year will bring.


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