Vegetarian on Passover

If you’re a Jewish vegetarian, Passover can be a really trying time, health-wise. All of a sudden, you’ve got a lot fewer sources of protein, both from wheat products and, for those Ashkenazic vegetarians in the audience, beans and legumes.

From KatiBlack, one of our followers on our new Twitter feed, we got a link for’s vegan and vegetarian Passover recipes. A lot of us are going to need this in the next few weeks — not just those vegans and vegetarians among us, but also anyone who gets sick of matzo brei and brisket after about 2 meals, and then realizes that we have seven and a half days left of Passover.

vegetable matzah brieIn some ways, the above link is really great. There’s traditional food, some modern twists, and a bit of variety. But VegCooking’s Passover reads like a menu consisting entirely of side orders, not meant to fill up anyone whose stomach is bigger than their fist — and it falls way short in the health arena. (The site, made by PETA, really should take itself more seriously, especially with an advertising budget as big as theirs.) VegCooking also doesn’t talk about what to do instead of a shankbone on the seder plate. Fortunately, however, we’ve got a solution for you.

VegCooking’s failings made me wonder what alternatives were out there. Recipezaar has some cool recipes — especially half-sour pickles — but you can tell it’s not a site made by people who know about kosher cooking. For one thing, it has a bunch of stuff that isn’t universally kosher for Passover, and nowhere does it warn that, for instance, no Ashkenazic Jew would ever eat lentils on Passover.

If you are Sephardic, however, you’ve got to check out I’ve never done Passover this way, but the recipes look amazing, and a bunch of my Sephardic Facebook friends swear by her.

One of the best resources (and with some great writing) are the brief-but-thorough entries on The Chocolate Lady‘s blog, which goes through an encyclopedic list of vegetables and other foods, and includes some bonus recipes. (Plantains! Plantain chips! Now this is a Passover to dream about.)

Posted on March 30, 2009

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