Two for the Price of One

You know that joke about the only Jew in a small town? He is giving a tour of the town and he shows two synagogues. One is the one he goes to regularly and the other is the one he wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Well, today is International Holocaust Memorial Day. It was designated to be a day of remembrance by the UN in 2005. I guess the Hebrew calendar was too complicated for the UN. Or they didn’t get the memo that Yom HaShoah already existed.

This must be one of the more ironic remembrance days. It is probably the only remembrance day that the victims don’t actually pay attention to. It’s like someone made a birthday party for you but you declined the invitation saying you want to plan your own. Except they still had the party anyways.

And it’s a good thing you did.

This year’s UN International Rememberance Day is full of controvery. The host of the event, UN General Assembly President, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, ended up skipping the event after Jewish groups, Israel and the US, threatened to boycott it if he spoke. There was a fear that he would use the stage to compare Israel to the Nazis.

Thanks for the invite UN. If you want to come to our event in April, you are more than welcome to attend.


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