The Motion

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JTA is reporting something about an imaginary motion for a one-state solution to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What they’re reporting exactly, I’m not sure.

A motion calling for a one-state solution was defeated at the famous Oxford Union debating forum.

The motion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lost last week by a vote of 191-60 at Oxford University in Britain.

Professor Norman Finkelstein, a far-left critic of Israel, was scheduled to be on the team opposing the motion but was replaced by the Oxford Union at the last minute because of protests by the pro-Israel group Peace Now UK. After Finkelstein’s replacement by Peace Now UK activist Paul Usiskin was announced, the team that proposed the motion withdrew from participating in the debate. (MORE)

So Norman Finkelstein was supposed to be against the one-state solution? Does that mean he was supposed to be the right-winger in the debate?

And wait. Finkelstein was removed because of protests by Peace Now — and then replaced by a member of Peace Now?

I’m so confused.

Posted on October 29, 2007

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