The Generation Gap in American Jewry

At this year’s General Assembly of The Jewish Federations of North America, clear signs of the “tricky terrain” between the generations–and some efforts to bridge it. (Forward)

But Rabbi Elie Kaunfer thinks that this pitting of the “older establishment” against the “younger non-establishment” oversimplifies a more complex dynamic, in part because “it assumes that the “establishment” is a monolithic entity to be accepted or rejected.” (Jewish Week)

But are the generations able to “collude” to keep the American Jewish enterprise going? Can they, like Abraham and Isaac, walk together toward a common goal? (NJ Jewish News)

Federations are looking to use social service projects as a way to connect with youth. (Forward)

When young Jewish leaders form their own start-up groups and/or alternative prayer services, “are they rejecting the organized community, or seeking to strengthen it?” (Jewish Week)


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