The Edge of Anti-Semitism

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I always tell myself that I don’t care. So what if Mel Gibson made some anti-Semitic comments in the past? Am I so concerned that Mel Gibson is going to convince Hollywood and the world that Jews control the banks that I shouldn’t be able to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy Lethal Weapon 3?

A couple nights ago, I found myself DVRing some old Simpsons episodes that now play at random hours during the day. However, when I came across the season premiere of season 11, “Beyond Blunderdome,” I held off for a second, even though it’s HILARIOUS. My reasoning was that the episode guest starred Mel Gibson. Even with all my “who cares” talk, I couldn’t help but consider not recording the episode.

But I’m obviously not the only guy who thinks this way. Especially now that Mel is back in the limelight.

His new movie, Edge of Darkness has just came out this weekend, and debuted second to Avatar. What has been interested about the movie (though I have a feeling the movie itself is entirely uninteresting) is that the media hasn’t exactly been the kindest to Mel now that he’s back. And I think it’s bothering him.

You see, I think Mel thought that if he went away for a couple of years, people would forget about his drunken anti-Semitic rants. But when people didn’t forget, Mel got annoyed. Really annoyed. Watch this video of an interview Mel had with a KTLA reporter in Los Angeles. And then think to yourself, did Mel deserve it?

Posted on February 1, 2010

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