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During the summer of 2007 I was a fellow at the first summer of Yeshivat Hadar, an intensive 8-week egalitarian Jewish learning program in Manhattan.  It was a transformative summer, and aside from making amazing friends and learning more than I would have thought possible, I left the summer feeling excited by Judaism in a way I never had before, and empowered to change the Jewish world for the better.  It was, in a word, phenomenal.Yeshivat Hadar

Yeshivat Hadar had 36 fellows this past summer, and is now opening up applications for the summer 2009 program, and for a year-round program that will launch in the fall of 2009.  Check out the information below, and feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions.  Applications are available now, and though they aren’t due for a while I encourage everyone to start working on them now–acceptance is competitive, and the application is an intense one.  Good luck!

Yeshivat Hadar is animated by three central goals:
·    To foster a community of men and women who engage in intensive Torah study, prayer and action.
·    To offer a passionate vision of traditional Jewish life as a spiritual path.
·    To empower students to build and contribute to vibrant Jewish communities across the United States.

Yeshivat Hadar Summer 2009
Yeshivat Hadar offers 36 fellows an intensive program in the heart of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The 8-week experience (June 14 – August 8, 2009) will combine traditional text study, egalitarian prayer and social action with a special focus on personal religious growth. Yeshivat Hadar will create a community of learning which will include seminars, havruta (paired learning), elective classes and time for independent study.  Students will complete the program equipped with greater textual competence and broader knowledge of the Jewish tradition as a whole. Students will commit to bringing lessons from their summer experience to their local community.

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