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Oh Rick Sanchez! Why? Why must you feel the need to open your mouth? So Jon Stewart makes fun of you a bit. You still had your own nationally televised show every single day.

So why go on a rant about how Jews run the media? Has that EVER turned out well for anyone?

If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about, last week, CNN’s Rick Sanchez was fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot, and saying that Jews can’t be oppressed because they run all the media outlets. Real smooth, Rick. Real smooth.

It never fails to amaze me how people don’t know how to shut their mouths. Did Sanchez really think this wasn’t going to get him in trouble? Did Dr. Laura not think that people would have an issue with her use of the N-word? We’re going to hear you and we’re going to care.

It’s a shame, really. Because I’m going to miss Sanchez’s idiotic antics. Here is the audio of his rant, followed by him getting tased on television. Pretty awesome journalism right there.

Posted on October 4, 2010

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