Obama, AIPAC & Republicans

The text of President Obama’s Middle-East address. (Los Angeles Times)

Akiva Eldar: “No American president or presidential candidate has ever told this large Jewish audience of supporters of Israel the truth”–including the fact that Americans will not support Netanyahu’s demand that the IDF control Palestinian territory. (Ha’aretz)

Although the “AIPAC crowd was strikingly appreciative,” David Horovitz points out that the speech included what many Israelis will regard as a problematic formulation that “there is a reason why the Palestinians are pursuing their interests at the United Nations.” (Jerusalem Post)

Jewish Republicans aren’t thrilled with Palin. (Chicago Jewish News)

And the Republican Jewish Coalition seems pretty alarmed about Ron Paul too. (Jewish Week)

Meet Fred Karger, the first Jewish presidential candidate for the Republican party. (Jerusalem Post)

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