Now What Am I Gonna Watch on Sunday?

It’s gotta be tough to be a tennis player. In team sports, you have a home base where you get to come back every week and stay with your family. Tennis, though, is a world tour. Sure, you can skip tournaments and head home, but then you don’t get paid.

Usually, though, that’s your own choice. For Israeli tennis star, Shachar Peer, the 48th ranked player in the world, she has no choice sometimes.Shachar Peer

Last week, the United Arab Emirates denied Peer a visa to play in the upcoming Barclay’s Dubai Tennis Championship, basically because she’s Jewish. They say it’s for her own security, but no one is that dumb to believe that.

Well, the real losers of this are turning out to be the tournament organizers and the UAE. The Wall Street Journal has already dropped its sponsorship of the event.

And now the worst part for the organizers. The Tennis Channel has announced that it will no longer broadcast the tournament, meaning all those commercial revenues will not come in.

Don’t mess with the Jews. We own the media.


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