No more Palin. After this…

Sharon Brous, the rabbi at LA’s Ikar minyan, has a upfront, provocative piece in On Faith about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The title says it all: Palin’s God is Not My God.

I don’t know who Sarah Palin’s God is. But my God does not advocate for gas pipelines – or any other multi-million dollar self-interest driven pet projects. My God is busy being concerned with the abuse of the widow and the orphan, the oppression of the stranger, the struggle of the poor. My God does not support illegal, aggressive wars that needlessly claim thousands and thousands of lives, but rather demands that we pursue every possible path toward peace. My God calls upon human beings to witness the pain of the afflicted, to agonize over the plight of the poor, to fight for the dignity of all human beings. My God insists that we give a damn. That we recognize that the religious life is fundamentally incompatible with apathy and complacency, just as it is with cruelty and brutality. (MORE)

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