Nazi This, Nazi That

Reading Tamar’s post from earlier today about people using Hitler in fashion ads got me thinking to a segment from the Daily Show from a couple weeks back.

We all know that calling people Nazis happens way too often. It happens so often that when someone actually is a Nazi, people don’t really seem to care that much. It really is a funny insult in my mind because it is used both on the right and the left. For example, Benjamin Netanyahu is a Nazi. Hugo Chavez is also a Nazi. If this were the case, we should feel lucky because their cabinet meetings probably go nowhere.

A couple of weeks ago, comedian Lewis Black got a little fed up with Fox News host Glenn Beck and his constant comparisons of liberal policies to Nazi Germany. And like only Lewis Black can, he ripped him a new one.

Let’s cut all this Nazi stuff out, people. Can’t we just resort to childish names like doo-doo head and pee-pee brain? No one wants to be a pee-pee brain. That’s just gross.

Here is Black’s work of genius. If you find Keith Olbermann annoying (and really, who doesn’t?), skip to the 55 second mark. Then you’ll be golden.


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